What does “end of lease cleaning” mean?

What does “end of lease cleaning” mean?

When tenants are ending the lease for their rented property, they are required to get the property cleaned as per real estate standards before their landlord or property manager release their bond which is placed with RTBA. This cleaning is to be performed as per the end of lease cleaning checklist. This complete cleaning activity is commonly called End of Lease Cleaning, Vacate Cleaning or Bond Cleaning.

When you need this cleaning in Melbourne across any suburbs, the common keyword to search is End Of lease Cleaning Melbourne.

There are many professional cleaning companies across melbourne who provides this service. Different companies have different pricing for the same service. It is a good practice to call around 5–10 companies before you finalise the cleaning quote. You would find it surprising how the price can vary so much for the same cleaning.

Whenever you hire professional end of lease cleaners, make sure to ask for bond back guarantee. How this works is if your property manager is not happy with cleaning or reports any particular set of cleaning issues, the cleaners would return and rectify those issue without charging any additional fee to you.

Don’t settle for the cheapest quote if there are no reviews available for the business, or the reviews are too bad. Too glowing reviews also don’t suggest perfect company, but gives you an idea.

I would hire a company with 80 reviews averaging 4.3 stars over business having less than 10 reviews averaging 4.9 stars.

Also, ask if they would issue you a tax invoice for the cleaning for the amount you pay. You would normally hand this invoice over to your property manager or landlord as an evidence for professional cleaning.

Hope this helps.

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